Tuesday, 5 July 2016


IWelcome back my fellow readers,
Last week we bagan a series on ten places where money is hiding, and five cogent areas were discussed in detail. 

This week, we shall continue from where we stopped. The other areas where money can be found but yet to be discovered by many, are as stated below:


There is a common saying that ideas rule the world. Yesterday’s impossibility is today’s reality and today’s impossibility is tomorrow’s reality. Countless ideas flow through the human mind on a daily basis but only those that are captured and acted upon become products and services.
There are no creators, there are no innovators. All we have are discoveries and downloads from the Creator acted upon for result. When the earth was created, countless things came with it, but until man discovers it, it is non-existent and impossible to man.
How many times have ideas dropped in your mind and you ignored it, only to see them done by someone else later. Nobody has the monopoly of ideas. Anyone who captures and acts on it is credited as the pioneer or inventor. Money hides in ideas and ideas rule the world.
Consider these:
from E-bay to Amazon
from You tube to Facebook
from laptops to I-pads
from I-pads to I-phones
from i-pod to Apple.
Who knows what next the world will experience? Why can’t your name make the list of the “inventors” of tomorrows’ products and services or tech? the Creator has not resign from downloading ideas into the human mind, but you have to realize that money hides in ideas. Take your ideas seriously and start making money from ideas.

Where there is vision there is always pro-vision; but where there is no vision there is no provision.
Pro-vision means “provide for a vision”. What this means is that vision attracts provision because money hides in vision. People don’t give nothing or support nothing, but they do give to something. Get a vision; share the vision and money flows in support of the vision.
A concert promoter has a vision; the artist buys into the vision, a team is formed and 70 million pounds flow towards the vision. Money hides in vision and when you have a worthy idea to pursue or implement, don’t hesitate because money hides there. Instead of begging for money and favors, you will be amazed at how money can flow out when you come up with a vision. It is time to be a visionary.


He that will not work, let him not at because no work no pay. Some people think work is bad, work is not a negative thing, and the reason why people feel uneasy about work is because they are locked up in the rat race of life with golden handcuff, doing a job they don’t like for the kind of money they don’t like. They are sad on Mondays and glad on Fridays.
Now there are different kinds of work; hard-work, smart-work, brain-work, muscle work etc, work should never be a struggle or a job except you are misplaced and just doing what you find to do for survival and not what you love to do or created to do.

You have only one life to live, and it is too short to spend it struggling. Millionaires and billionaires all over the world, sometime work harder and for more hours than the average person but to them it is not a struggle because they are doing what they love and they make loads of money from it.
It is time to start a different kind of work, with different kind of purpose, income and result instead of struggling for survival. You have to work to succeed and you must take it more seriously from now so that money can flow to you.


Your future is in your seed because, buried within every seed is great potentials for surprising outcomes. Opportunity sometimes comes in disguise as problems. Treasure sometimes disguises as trash. Out of a liquid sperm seed comes a solid child.

Every man was once a sperm seed and once a baby boy. Every forest begins with a tree which starts as a seed. No wonder start up capitals for businesses are sometimes referred to as SEED CAPITAL.

What do you have in your hand?
What do you have in your mind?
What do you have in your house?
You want to start a business but don’t have enough, then start offering your services as a seed and volunteer to help others and harvest will flow. The volunteer principle is a seed principle that many have used to release money.


There is always a Creator who created the whole world and all the people in it. And if you are a good student of history, you will realize that He created the world in few days, mankind in few minutes and He did not do any of those with money.
Remember He can also do it now and since He is not limited by the natural limitations and natural supply, He has a supply source that is supernatural, universal, inexhaustible, inexplicable and available to all who know how to connect to it.

Money hides in the Creator and if you connect with Him in a covenant relationship, you can have access to this supernatural supply that can never run dry.
Do you know how the water gets into the coconut?
Do you know how liquid sperms become solid baby?
Do you know what holds Atoms together?
Do you know the pillars that prevent the sky from falling?
Do you know the power that tells the sea where to stop?
As mankind, we are limited and natural but the Creator is unlimited and supernatural. If we connect with Him, He can add His super to our natural and give us access to His supernatural supply. So money flow in the  Creator. 

Get connected to Him and money will flow.

Stay inspired and be motivated.